Bakersville is a Korean bakery located in the Chicago suburbs. We have a large selection of Korean style breads, cakes, roll cakes, traditional Korean teas, and shaved ice. We also offer Intelligentsia coffee, frozen yogurt, bubble teas, smoothies, and ice cream. Enjoy a drink and dessert at our cozy cafe! :)

Korean Baked Goods

We have a selection of over 60 different Korean breads such as our popular red bean bun, soboro, mochi, pizza baguette, and milk bread. Everything is made fresh daily in our bakery.

Intelligentsia Coffee

Our coffees are made with our famous Intelligentsia coffee beans. We also have bubble tea, milk tea, Korean traditional teas, frozen yogurt, shaved ice (bing-soo), smoothies, and ice cream!

Beautiful Korean Style Cakes

We have a variety of cakes made fresh at our bakery. Our selection includes mousseline (fruit), green tea, sweet potato, chocolate, double chocolate,

tiramisu, and mocha.